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Virtual & Augmented Realities: How XR Tech Could Change the Marketing Industry

Emerging XR technologies are inspiring interesting predictions for the future and how we could be interacting the world, each other and brands…

The Human Connection: Is Emotional Storytelling the Future?

Many people argue that experiencing emotions is what make humans “human”.
As we enter an age where we are being increasingly bombarded by advertising material 24/7, industry experts believe that the best way to stand it out in a saturated market is to…

BCM325 Peer Comments: A Reflection (Pt. 2)

As a part of my studies in Future Cultures (BCM325) we are required to analyse and comment on our peers’ pitches for the major project. It was really cool to see how other people’s projects are coming along! The following three peer comments, summarise what their pitch was about, reveal what I commented and include my reflection on my own feedback…

Project Beta- The Future of Marketing

The beta content of my digital artefact (a blog series all about the future of marketing), is now up and operational. You can find it right here on my website under the ‘The Future of Marketing’ tab. As stated in my pitch, the focus for this Digital Artefact (DA) is to explore the future possibilities of marketing and advertising. Throughout 7 short-length blogs I plan to discuss and analyse some of the major trends and developing technologies that could potentially shape and/or disrupt the marketing industry…

#BCM325 Peer Comments: A Reflection

As a part of my studies in Future Cultures (BCM325) we are required to analyse and comment on our peers’ pitches for the major project. (You can see my own pitch here.) This was an interesting task as giving feedback to other students is not something I am used to. However, I really enjoyed learningContinue reading “#BCM325 Peer Comments: A Reflection”

Bcm206 Project Beta!

For my Digital Artefact, I decided to make a quotes page on Instagram. Click the following link to view my current prototype, Goddess Sayings. So, what’s the point of my Digital Artefact? [Social utility:] The social utility this project has for my users is that it provides inspirational and motivational content in an aesthetic andContinue reading “Bcm206 Project Beta!”

Module 3: m a k i n g !

Throughout the making stage of my Digital Artefact, I continued to focus on content creation and the curation of my project. My Digital Artefact consists of an Instagram account and TikTok account (@Inspireddenim) dedicated to sharing photos and videos of denim jackets and jeans that I have customised. In the end, I decided that InstagramContinue reading “Module 3: m a k i n g !”

Module 2: Make It, Break It and Repeat

Hi there! This is an update on the progress of my Digital Artefact: Inspired Denim! Which consists of both an Instagram and TikTok account where I share my own attempts at painting on denim jeans and jackets. MY FIRST PROTOTYPE: Below you can see what my project looked like when it first started (which let’sContinue reading “Module 2: Make It, Break It and Repeat”

Module 1: The Process of Ideation

Hi there! Thank’s for checking in, consider this post an update on my digital artefact- ‘Inspired Denim’! At the beginning of BCM114 I initially began brainstorming a whole lot of different ideas of what I could do for my Digital Artefact. I considered taking over and running my mum’s wedding hair-styling business page, helping myContinue reading “Module 1: The Process of Ideation”