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In the Age of the Internet of Things- How Far is Too Far?

In today’s digital age more and more objects are becoming connected to the Internet. Whilst this is a time of great innovation as developers find ways to make everyday items even better, there are also many products being created that you wouldn’t think would need to be ‘smart’.

The Networked Fourth Estate- Can We Reduce the Unequal Power Dynamics?

Yochai Benkler (2011) describes the Networked Fourth Estate as, “the set of practices, organizing models, and technologies that are associated with the free press and provide a public check on the branches of government.”, which differs from traditional press, “in that it has a diverse set of actors instead of a small number of major presses.”…

Bcm206 Project Beta!

For my Digital Artefact, I decided to make a quotes page on Instagram. Click the following link to view my current prototype, Goddess Sayings. So, what’s the point of my Digital Artefact? [Social utility:] The social utility this project has for my users is that it provides inspirational and motivational content in an aesthetic andContinue reading “Bcm206 Project Beta!”

Digital Feudalism- Data Harvesting and the Issue of Property Rights

In modern times it seems as though it is becoming increasingly impossible to stay disconnected from online platforms. We connect with friends and family through Facebook, keep up with news on Twitter, apply for jobs on LinkedIn and buy any product we want through online stores When nearly all of a society’s personal and professionalContinue reading “Digital Feudalism- Data Harvesting and the Issue of Property Rights”

The Attention Economy- How we are becoming the product

Since there is a surplus of information, more information flowing through our society than any of us could ever hope to process or understand, the new bottleneck on our economy is attention. We now live in an attention-based economy. Mark Manson Information is increasingly limitless and convenient to access, but our time and attention is not. TheContinue reading “The Attention Economy- How we are becoming the product”

Email Overload & The Chronic Task of Sorting

There is no doubt that the internet has led to many changes in the ways we work. More and more people are now able to work remotely, or from home, meaning flexible hours, increased comfortability and for some it means they can spend more time with their family. However, this leads to the issue ofContinue reading “Email Overload & The Chronic Task of Sorting”

BCM206- Project Pitch!

the [ w h a t ] For my digital artefact I will be creating, aggregating and curating content for a motivational quote page. This content will be primarily shared on Instagram, as well Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Check out the prototype! I was inspired by many of the other quote accounts I see onlineContinue reading “BCM206- Project Pitch!”

The Network Society Paradigm

As digital technologies become increasingly prevalent in our lives we become further connected in what can be called the network society paradigm. Global information networks combined with the increasing accessibility to personal computers and smartphones, and as such, the internet, has lead to millions of people being a part of an online society who areContinue reading “The Network Society Paradigm”