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Understanding Electronic Word of Mouth Part 4 – Changing Behaviours; The Rise of Science Based Skincare

This is part 2 of my Understanding Electronic Word of Mouth blog series. This series is about understanding how audiences respond to Electronic Word of Mouth content within Instagram and TikTok skincare communities, and how these responses differ. Through these blog posts I aim to explore some of the key finding and topics of interest I have encountered.
In this blog post I elaborate on how I think the way audiences talk about skincare online is changing towards more scientific conversations…

Digital Feudalism- Data Harvesting and the Issue of Property Rights

In modern times it seems as though it is becoming increasingly impossible to stay disconnected from online platforms. We connect with friends and family through Facebook, keep up with news on Twitter, apply for jobs on LinkedIn and buy any product we want through online stores When nearly all of a society‚Äôs personal and professionalContinue reading “Digital Feudalism- Data Harvesting and the Issue of Property Rights”

Background research and ethical considerations!

If you haven’t seen them yet, make sure to read my prior blog posts explaining my media niche, field site and research plan for my ethnographic research project. Background research: To help form a better understanding of my observations I will also looking into academic theories and frameworks regarding social media, specifically, passive and activeContinue reading “Background research and ethical considerations!”

Narrowing it down & finding my field site!

In my last post ‘My media niche: Skincare, Makeup and TikTok!‘, I realised that the media niche I want to learn more about is the beauty community on TikTok. However, this niche is still super broad! There is all different kinds of content such as makeup tutorials, skincare journeys, product reviews, there’s even a micro-niche knownContinue reading “Narrowing it down & finding my field site!”

My media niche: Skincare, Makeup and TikTok?

This week I started a new subject, BCM241- Media Ethnographies! Ethnographic research is useful for media and communication professionals as it enables them to gain, “as complete an understanding as possible of the cultural meanings and social formations (and their inter-relationships) of a group, such as an organization, profession, community or society.” (Daymon & Holloway,Continue reading “My media niche: Skincare, Makeup and TikTok?”