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Bcm206 Project Beta!

For my Digital Artefact, I decided to make a quotes page on Instagram. Click the following link to view my current prototype, Goddess Sayings. So, what’s the point of my Digital Artefact? [Social utility:] The social utility this project has for my users is that it provides inspirational and motivational content in an aesthetic andContinue reading “Bcm206 Project Beta!”

Digital Feudalism- Data Harvesting and the Issue of Property Rights

In modern times it seems as though it is becoming increasingly impossible to stay disconnected from online platforms. We connect with friends and family through Facebook, keep up with news on Twitter, apply for jobs on LinkedIn and buy any product we want through online stores When nearly all of a society’s personal and professionalContinue reading “Digital Feudalism- Data Harvesting and the Issue of Property Rights”

My media niche: Skincare, Makeup and TikTok?

This week I started a new subject, BCM241- Media Ethnographies! Ethnographic research is useful for media and communication professionals as it enables them to gain, “as complete an understanding as possible of the cultural meanings and social formations (and their inter-relationships) of a group, such as an organization, profession, community or society.” (Daymon & Holloway,Continue reading “My media niche: Skincare, Makeup and TikTok?”

Is regular exercise the key to succeeding academically?

AN OPINION PIECE by Alina Hager 8 June 2020 / 8 mins The benefits of regular physical activity are widely acknowledged. Physically, your body becomes healthier but what about your brain? Is the saying ‘healthy body = healthy mind’ really true? If so, could this be the key to succeeding academically? Various researchers have notedContinue reading “Is regular exercise the key to succeeding academically?”

Digital Artefact: Project Pitch!

Hi there, this is my (BCM114- Making Media) Digital Artefact Project Pitch! What am I going to do? This project is based upon my love of art and explores the growing trend I’ve noticed online of people customising and painting jeans/denim. It will involve me finding second hand clothing pieces and painting different images. HowContinue reading “Digital Artefact: Project Pitch!”

The Medium is the Message?

When I rocked up to my 9:30 Lecture last Monday morning, my brain sure was not ready to understand the concept “The Medium is the Message” coined by Marshall McLuhan in 1967. His ideas are abstract and quite complex but I’ll try my best to explain what I learnt. First of all what is aContinue reading “The Medium is the Message?”