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My Work

Working with small business owner, Jervis Bay Hair Design, to refresh the brand image and create digital/social media marketing strategies. Jervis Bay Hair Design offers mobile hair styling services for special occasions across the South Coast, NSW. The branding redesign aimed to reflect the JBHD’s image as a more modern and luxurious bridal hairstylist.

Working with start-up fashion label, The Kings Estate to develop a digital marketing strategy. This strategy involved identifying a key target market and recommendations for the most effective ways to reach them that aligned with the business’ marketing budget and capabilities.

Marketing Campaign- “Halo Top Creamery”, 2021.

Marketing Report- “Specsavers”, 2021.

Research Essay- “Understanding Ad Avoidance Behaviours in 2021”, 2021.

Mini Report- “Innovation Marketing”, 2021.

Public Relations/ Corporate Identity Report- “HeartKids”, 2021.

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