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Bcm206 Project Beta!

My Project Beta Video

For my Digital Artefact, I decided to make a quotes page on Instagram. Click the following link to view my current prototype, Goddess Sayings.

So, what’s the point of my Digital Artefact?

[Social utility:]

The social utility this project has for my users is that it provides inspirational and motivational content in an aesthetic and easy to consume format.

Quotes have the power to inspire people to try and do better in life.

Quotes Empire


As I create new content I am continually critiquing, listening to feedback and making changes.

At first I was trying to create a more ‘sassy’ vibe for the page but after monitoring my user engagement I thought more ‘wholesome’ vibes would appeal more to my audience.

Original profile pic vs Current profile pic
Early content vs Current content


My Instagram page has been receiving steady, low levels of engagement, with some positive feedback from users.

I have also been posting the same content in various Reddit groups which has proven to be a different story.

At first I was so excited to see that one of my posts had reached 237 upvotes (I usually get 10-30). However, after reading the comments I realised that the content I had shared in a Self Love subreddit had upset a lot of people. In my rush to create content quickly, I had used an image of a model with a serious expression (the first picture I could find) with a quote about not needing a partner to feel whole. The Reddit users (rightfully) roasted me about using this image. It was definitely a #FEFO (Fail Early Fail Often) moment.

The Reddit post w/ one of the comments

The feedback I get from my users is super important, as such I’m making an effort to find more realistic and inclusive photos to use as my backgrounds rather than models.


Moving forward there is a lot of things I want to try with this project. Such as experimenting with posting times, using more Instagram stories, experimenting with the background and celebrity images and trying new hashtags. I will also continue to listen to and engage with my users.

I really hope I can gain more followers and continue to inspire and empower people through this project.


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