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Project Beta- The Future of Marketing

The beta content of my digital artefact (a blog series all about the future of marketing), is now up and operational. You can find it right here on my website under the ‘The Future of Marketing’ tab. As stated in my pitch, the focus for this Digital Artefact (DA) is to explore the future possibilities of marketing and advertising. Throughout 7 short-length blogs I plan to discuss and analyse some of the major trends and developing technologies that could potentially shape and/or disrupt the marketing industry…

My Contribution to the Conversation- Reflecting on My Live Tweeting

This blog post containing tweets and analysis is in regards to Live-tweeting exercises I have been participating in for the last 4 weeks for my Future Cultures class (BCM325). The following tweets are a curation of some of my most significant contributions and interactions during the live tweeting of a weekly screening that explores the concept of the future. During the past 4 weeks, we have watched, ‘Metropolis’ (1927), ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ (1968), ‘Westworld’ (1973), and ‘Blade Runner’ (1982) …

#BCM325 Peer Comments: A Reflection

As a part of my studies in Future Cultures (BCM325) we are required to analyse and comment on our peers’ pitches for the major project. (You can see my own pitch here.) This was an interesting task as giving feedback to other students is not something I am used to. However, I really enjoyed learningContinue reading “#BCM325 Peer Comments: A Reflection”

Reflecting on BCM313- The Future of Work

I think one thing that will really stay with me from this subject is Michael White’s ‘absent but implicit’ principle. After learning about this theory it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. Now when I am listening to people stories I can’t help but think about this theory and how their words reflect the values that are important to them…

Bcm206 Project Beta!

For my Digital Artefact, I decided to make a quotes page on Instagram. Click the following link to view my current prototype, Goddess Sayings. So, what’s the point of my Digital Artefact? [Social utility:] The social utility this project has for my users is that it provides inspirational and motivational content in an aesthetic andContinue reading “Bcm206 Project Beta!”

Digital Feudalism- Data Harvesting and the Issue of Property Rights

In modern times it seems as though it is becoming increasingly impossible to stay disconnected from online platforms. We connect with friends and family through Facebook, keep up with news on Twitter, apply for jobs on LinkedIn and buy any product we want through online stores When nearly all of a society’s personal and professionalContinue reading “Digital Feudalism- Data Harvesting and the Issue of Property Rights”

The Attention Economy- How we are becoming the product

Since there is a surplus of information, more information flowing through our society than any of us could ever hope to process or understand, the new bottleneck on our economy is attention. We now live in an attention-based economy. Mark Manson Information is increasingly limitless and convenient to access, but our time and attention is not. TheContinue reading “The Attention Economy- How we are becoming the product”

Narrowing it down & finding my field site!

In my last post ‘My media niche: Skincare, Makeup and TikTok!‘, I realised that the media niche I want to learn more about is the beauty community on TikTok. However, this niche is still super broad! There is all different kinds of content such as makeup tutorials, skincare journeys, product reviews, there’s even a micro-niche knownContinue reading “Narrowing it down & finding my field site!”

My media niche: Skincare, Makeup and TikTok?

This week I started a new subject, BCM241- Media Ethnographies! Ethnographic research is useful for media and communication professionals as it enables them to gain, “as complete an understanding as possible of the cultural meanings and social formations (and their inter-relationships) of a group, such as an organization, profession, community or society.” (Daymon & Holloway,Continue reading “My media niche: Skincare, Makeup and TikTok?”