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Reflecting on BCM313- The Future of Work

I think one thing that will really stay with me from this subject is Michael White’s ‘absent but implicit’ principle. After learning about this theory it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. Now when I am listening to people stories I can’t help but think about this theory and how their words reflect the values that are important to them…

Interviewing a Stranger Using a Narrative Approach- A reflection

Last week for my BCM313 (The Future of Work) class, I had to identify someone that was working professionally in a way relevant to my future and conduct a interview with them using a narrative approach. The narrative approach to helping is based on constructionist thinking about how we are ‘constructed’ as people by theContinue reading “Interviewing a Stranger Using a Narrative Approach- A reflection”

How my job almost ruined my friendship! – An exercise in narrative thinking

This is a story about how a change in work dynamic almost ruined my relationship with my childhood friend, who we will call Charlie (that’s a pseudonym and I have permission to share this story). At the beginning of this year, I found a new casual hospitality job working mainly as a bartender and waitress.Continue reading “How my job almost ruined my friendship! – An exercise in narrative thinking”