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Reflecting on BCM313- The Future of Work

Overall BCM313 (The Future of Work) was one of my most enjoyable subjects I have undertaken to date.

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I found the content to be really interesting and engaging. As a person who has always loved storytelling I really enjoyed learning about narrative thinking and how I can use it to better understand what is important to myself and others.

I think one thing that will really stay with me from this subject is Michael White’sabsent but implicit‘ principle. After learning about this theory it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. Now when I am listening to people stories I can’t help but think about this theory and how their words reflect the values that are important to them.

The teaching team that delivered this subject was also incredibly understanding of the stress and workload students were facing and made every effort to help and accommodate students.

What did I learn about myself?

During the course of this subject, I learnt that I place significant value on working hard, respect, and fairness. I also realised that the reason I am sometimes overcritical on my work is because doing my best is really important to me.

I was also able to identify some areas were I can improve, in particular my confidence in my ability could be better. However thanks to BCM313, I feel like I am now equipped with the skills to work on myself and take those small steps…


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