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Project Pitch: The Future of Marketing!

The following video explains the concept I am pitching for BCM325- The Future of Marketing (a blog series).


For my Digital Artefact (BCM325) I intend to create 7 mini blogs on WordPress (specifically, this site) as a part of mini-series all about the future of marketing. Marketing is my passion and is the industry I aspire to work in. Furthermore, I enjoy blogging and I believe this project will allow me to further my knowledge, as well as provide value to my audience.

Is it F.I.S.T?

  • FAST- After thoroughly researching the topic, creating the blog post should be a quick process.
  • INEXPENSIVE- The only costs are my time & effort!
  • SIMPLE- I’ll be sharing this mini blog series on WordPress with a specific target audience in mind.
  • TINY- Each blog will be fairly short and to the point (200-300 words), and will focus on one topic.

Production Timeline:

The following visual is a structured timeline that I can follow for this project. By having weekly deadlines for specific tasks I believe I will be able to stay on track with my content production and the overall progression of the Digital Artefact. I have left a break in both Weeks 9 & 12 to allow me time to work on my Project Beta presentation and finalising my Digital Artefact (respectively). Additionally, I am aiming to finish this mini-series by Week 11 and finalise everything in Week 12 as I have 3 other assessments due in Week 13 and I want to relieve as much pressure on myself as possible.



9 thoughts on “Project Pitch: The Future of Marketing!

  1. Hi Alina! I love your DA idea, it’s well conceptualised and beautifully articulated! I love the inclusion of F.I.S.T. It’s a really creative way of getting your point across.

    You are already aware of the wealth of information that you have at your disposal, as shown in your video and your referencing. There are clearly many topics you are able to discuss in your blogs and podcasts. You already mentioned the utilisation of AI in marketing; I’ve found an article that could help you further develop that topic:

    The marketing industry has been around for centuries and has changed immensely as technology has evolved and been incorporated into our everyday lives. There is huge potential for it to shift dramatically in the future given how quickly our world is evolving, which would allow you to reasonably speculate how the marketing industry is going to be shaped by technology. You even mentioned space ads being a possibility! Here is an article summarising a report about how advertising might look in 2030, focusing on how it will be shaped by technology.

    You’ve noted how long your blog posts will be, have you decided on the length of your accompanying podcasts or will the length change depending on the topic you are covering? Do you plan to also address the potential short and medium term future of the industry in your blog/podcast?

    Your blog is a great way to have users access all of your posts in one place. They will be able to find all of your information quickly and easily. I would also recommend promoting your website and blog posts on other platforms, such as Twitter or Instagram, in order to maximise reach and draw in your target audience to your content.

    I can’t wait to see how your project comes together!

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  2. Hi Alina! Amazing job, I love how detailed and documented this pitch is. The idea of doing a mini-series of blogs are a really interesting idea – I can see the passion coming through for marketing and that definitely has a positive impact on the audience you are speaking to.

    Within the podcasts will you be discussing and reflecting on more than one topic, or just expanding on the blog post? I know you have a specific audience in mind but I think for someone like myself I’d love a guide on marketing like little introductions on marketing to further understand the topics!

    As stated in the pitch, the voice-activated technologies always interest me because of in details behind the scene, but the marketing on them is insane due to them being so easy to use. This article was interesting to me because it evaluated the use of voice-activated technologies, the difference in use and why they are so popular today within marketing:

    Another website I saw that correlates with my last point was the focus on five key trends that will drive the future of marketing – one of them was voice-activated marketing so I think this is a big topic for you to discuss within your blog and podcast! It also discusses virtual reality impact on the market in the short term time!,normal%20in%20marketing%20by%202025.

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  3. What a great pitch! Beautifully produced and laid out.

    As a fellow media and marketing student, I am actually quite concerned by the utilisation of AI and its effects on the job market. This following excert was written by for free with the stimulus “marketing is important”.

    ***Marketing is important, it’s your job to get the word out, you’re probably trying to get your message across.”

    But before you get started, consider how different the audience you’re getting from that of your readers in your own work. “I’ve had a lot of questions about how people perceive me with the work around us,” says the former head of marketing at Dann Enterprises, Matt Schwerin. “For me on a team working on new product development, I felt like a little bigger-than-average target audience, but more focused.”***

    I know this isn’t perfect, but still pretty scary that AI can write that now. I believe within a few years to a decade AI will be writing generic copy at a professional level.

    Partnerships between organisations like Shopify and TikTok use algorithms to match a target audience to the product, and then produce a basic advertisement all without a marketing professional already.

    I think that it would be interesting to share the content onto other platforms as well, possibly a twitter micro blog of just bitesize chunks, a weekly newsletter or a TikTok highlight reel.

    This is a great project and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!


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