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Project Beta- The Future of Marketing

The beta content of my digital artefact (a blog series all about the future of marketing), is now up and operational. You can find it right here on my website under the ‘The Future of Marketing‘ tab.

As stated in my pitch, the focus for this Digital Artefact (DA) is to explore the future possibilities of marketing and advertising. Throughout 7 short-length blogs I plan to discuss and analyse some of the major trends and developing technologies that could potentially shape and/or disrupt the marketing industry.

Current audience engagement status: not great.

So far the first two posts I have published have received minimal to no engagement.

However, I suppose no feedback is still feedback…?

Based on the lack of response I’ve made a few changes to this project. In particular I’ve put more focus on the SEO of my website and posts. I’ve also decided to use more interactive medias such as videos and audio transcripts.

The posts have received a few view but no likes, comments of other forms of engagement. Which seems to suggest that either people aren’t finding my content or it isn’t providing any value to users. I’m leaning towards the first option as literally only 6 people have viewed the posts.

One of the key takeaways I have taken from the subject lectures is the concept of possible, probable, and preferable futures, which I plan to discuss throughout my posts.

During further research of the 3Ps (often known now as the 4Ps with the inclusion of ‘plausible’), I came across the Futures Cone (Voros, 2017; Swanson, 2021). However Joseph Voros also identifies ‘the projected future’. This idea of a projected future seems to be something I’ve come across a lot in my research into the future of marketing.

‘Futures Cone’. Image Credit: (Voros, J, 2017.)

This visual has become a useful tool for me in organising my thoughts when it comes to imagining futures and discussing them in my blogs.

Final Thoughts:

I’ve spent the majority of the last couple weeks researching and writing drafts of the blog posts.

Moving forward my focus will be on editing, iterating and curating my project’s content as well as building an audience.

My aim is to stay on track with my original plan, however I will need to catch up on editing and publishing blogs 3-5 (which I have already written drafts for).



7 thoughts on “Project Beta- The Future of Marketing

  1. Hi Alina! Congrats on your project so far. I found this to be an incredibly interesting read, your project is super awesome and something I’m keen to learn more about. I actually was struck by this part: “However, I suppose no feedback is still feedback…?” because this honestly completely hit the nail on the head with the BCM experience. Often times so much work goes into our DAs and rarely do we ever get interactions from fellow peers or outside audiences. And it’s honestly no one’s fault. It’s hard to keep track of each other, and what does blow up is often pure algorithmic luck. I honestly think so many of our peers will really relate to the way you’ve not only summarised your own personal experience with engagement. But also how you’ve chosen to use the little interactions you’ve received to help improve your project. Awesome job! I’ll deffff start keeping up with your project to help give you more interactions 🤍

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  2. I followed very little of the content of your DA and I’m marking that down as a positive because I’m not your target audience in the slightest. The way you’ve organised and presented your information is incredibly professional.
    “No feedback” is indeed feedback. When nobody bothers to interact, it means you’re not reaching your intended audience, whether due to algorithms or your post not being eyecatching. Getting verbal/written feedback on anything is a challenge when you’re first starting out. I have no doubt you’ll figure out a way to get your posts in front of the eyes of the right people.

    I’ll keep an eye out for your tweets and try to boost them a bit!


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