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#BCM325 Peer Comments: A Reflection

As a part of my studies in Future Cultures (BCM325) we are required to analyse and comment on our peers’ pitches for the major project. (You can see my own pitch here.)

This was an interesting task as giving feedback to other students is not something I am used to. However, I really enjoyed learning about the other project’s people have come up with and found the process of critically thinking about their projects interesting.

The following three peer comments, summarise what their pitch was about, reveal what I commented and include my reflection on my own feedback.

Peer Comment #1: (Emma’s Pitch)


For this project Emma is planning to create a podcast series alongside the rest of the Chàe Media team. The focus of this podcast will be discussing: the future of Chàe Media, the BCM325 screenings, BCM325 lecture content, student insights and other miscellaneous topics.

My comment:


I found it difficult to provide advice on Emma’s pitch as the podcast she is planning for Chàe Media includes such a wide range of content that is not limited to discussing only the future of a specific topic. However, I believe that providing the source on how to make an effective podcast series will be of great benefit. I also think suggesting a production timeline (as mentioned in the lecture) was helpful advice. In hindsight, I should have asked further questions about the future of Chàe Media and provided further ideas about how they could grow.

Peer Comment #2- (Taylah’s Pitch)


Taylah is planning to create a video essay that explores the future of film. Specifically she plans to discuss where the film industry is going in terms of remaking movies and tv series and which companies are likely to participate or continue to participate in the remake trend.

My comment:


Looking back, I believe I provided some substantial ideas that Taylah could potentially explore further. These ideas include: the capitalisation of nostalgia, what makes a old film remakable and if a remake needs to change (and if so, by how much) to provide the audience value? However, I could have discussed how remakes are influenced by social norms and understandings. I also realise now that I missed an opportunity in my feedback to discuss future narratives (as explored in the readings).

Peer Comment #3– (Alana’s Pitch)


Alana is planning to create a three part blog-series that discusses the future of art. More specifically she plans to explore: key technologies, how these technologies are being used, how can art be 100% digital, how digital art can be ‘owned’, as well as speculating what the next 5-10 years will look like for the art world.

My comment:


I struggled the most with Alana’s blog as it was the subject I knew the least about, especially in regards to the technologies she discussed. However I tried by best to make sure I understood her topic before offering my advice. I also believe that suggesting sharing her content on Reddit was a useful idea, as I often see Reddit users discussing future technologies.


At the time of viewing the pitches and writing the comments I found it really difficult to include insights from the lectures. In hindsight, I should have tried to relate their ideas to things we had discussed in class rather than analysing the actual presentation of the pitches (in regards to visuals and information).

However I do believe I provided a range of useful and relevant sources for each comment, that would aid their project’s development.

Whilst I’m not a professional, I also believe that my advice is helpful as it provides an outside perspective. I also asked a lot of questions in an attempt to prompt ideas or open up avenues they could further explore throughout their respective project.


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