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Virtual & Augmented Realities: How XR Tech Could Change the Marketing Industry

Emerging XR technologies are inspiring interesting predictions for the future and how we could be interacting the world, each other and brands…

The Human Connection: Is Emotional Storytelling the Future?

Many people argue that experiencing emotions is what make humans “human”.
As we enter an age where we are being increasingly bombarded by advertising material 24/7, industry experts believe that the best way to stand it out in a saturated market is to…

Module 3: m a k i n g !

Throughout the making stage of my Digital Artefact, I continued to focus on content creation and the curation of my project. My Digital Artefact consists of an Instagram account and TikTok account (@Inspireddenim) dedicated to sharing photos and videos of denim jackets and jeans that I have customised. In the end, I decided that InstagramContinue reading “Module 3: m a k i n g !”

Module 2: Make It, Break It and Repeat

Hi there! This is an update on the progress of my Digital Artefact: Inspired Denim! Which consists of both an Instagram and TikTok account where I share my own attempts at painting on denim jeans and jackets. MY FIRST PROTOTYPE: Below you can see what my project looked like when it first started (which let’sContinue reading “Module 2: Make It, Break It and Repeat”

Digital Artefact: Project Beta!

Hi there! Here’s an update on the progress of my project ‘Inspired Denim’! For a reminder on what I set out to do, feel free to check out my previous blog post. When I first started this project I was initially putting all my effort into physically making the denim art pieces and then justContinue reading “Digital Artefact: Project Beta!”

Module 1: The Process of Ideation

Hi there! Thank’s for checking in, consider this post an update on my digital artefact- ‘Inspired Denim’! At the beginning of BCM114 I initially began brainstorming a whole lot of different ideas of what I could do for my Digital Artefact. I considered taking over and running my mum’s wedding hair-styling business page, helping myContinue reading “Module 1: The Process of Ideation”

Digital Artefact: Project Pitch!

Hi there, this is my (BCM114- Making Media) Digital Artefact Project Pitch! What am I going to do? This project is based upon my love of art and explores the growing trend I’ve noticed online of people customising and painting jeans/denim. It will involve me finding second hand clothing pieces and painting different images. HowContinue reading “Digital Artefact: Project Pitch!”

Are you conscious about unconscious framing in the media?

Since the beginning of human history, whether intentionally or unconsciously we have framed events and experiences in certain ways, influencing how we view our reality. Arguably, it is human nature to let our thoughts and emotions influence how we view and retell situations. But, if we aren’t aware if this, it can have significant effectsContinue reading “Are you conscious about unconscious framing in the media?”

Social media content control- and what it means for you

I think it’s safe to say most of us are guilty when it comes to accepting the terms and conditions of something without reading the entire document. But did you know that by accepting the terms of social media platforms you may be giving away your copyright rights for your own content? For Facebook, itsContinue reading “Social media content control- and what it means for you”

Do you know the reality of hyper-reality?

Isn’t crazy how easy it is becoming to fake reality? By that I am talking about the concept of people sharing a version of the world that simply isn’t real, this can be known as creating a ‘hyper-reality’. During the last couple decades, technology has developed and progressed at an incredible rate, to the pointContinue reading “Do you know the reality of hyper-reality?”