Are you conscious about unconscious framing in the media?

Since the beginning of human history, whether intentionally or unconsciously we have framed events and experiences in certain ways, influencing how we view our reality. Arguably, it is human nature to let our thoughts and emotions influence how we view and retell situations. But, if we aren’t aware if this, it can have significant effectsContinue reading “Are you conscious about unconscious framing in the media?”

Social media content control- and what it means for you

I think it’s safe to say most of us are guilty when it comes to accepting the terms and conditions of something without reading the entire document. But did you know that by accepting the terms of social media platforms you may be giving away your copyright rights for your own content? For Facebook, itsContinue reading “Social media content control- and what it means for you”

Collective Intelligence and how you benefit from it:

The rise of the internet has enabled people all over the world to be share information and connect with each other in ways that were previously impossible. This is called Collective Intelligence and it allows us to do some pretty cool things. Like solve crimes, mysteries and locate places. Check this link out, if youContinue reading “Collective Intelligence and how you benefit from it:”

Do you know the reality of hyper-reality?

Isn’t crazy how easy it is becoming to fake reality? By that I am talking about the concept of people sharing a version of the world that simply isn’t real, this can be known as creating a ‘hyper-reality’. During the last couple decades, technology has developed and progressed at an incredible rate, to the pointContinue reading “Do you know the reality of hyper-reality?”

The truth about Apple and Android smartphones!

The truth is the things we call ‘phones’ nowadays aren’treally just phones, they’re little palm-sized computers that can do soooo much more than just make and receive phone calls. The biggest difference between Apple and Android technologyis the access they allow their users to the software in their devices. So, right now I’m feeling prettyContinue reading “The truth about Apple and Android smartphones!”

The future of memes: harmless entertainment or persuasive propaganda?

In today’s world memes have so much power! But, is that a good thing? Especially when they can be and are used to persuade people’s opinions about important issues. On the right are examples of pro-Trump and Pro-Life memes specifically designed with the intent to persuade anyone who views them to support or adopt theirContinue reading “The future of memes: harmless entertainment or persuasive propaganda?”

Governments want you to think national surveillance is a good thing, but is it?

Governments and media across the world are framing systems of surveillance as positive and beneficial thing for the safety and national security of citizens. But what they aren’t talking about are the….

The Medium is the Message?

When I rocked up to my 9:30 Lecture last Monday morning, my brain sure was not ready to understand the concept “The Medium is the Message” coined by Marshall McLuhan in 1967. His ideas are abstract and quite complex but I’ll try my best to explain what I learnt. First of all what is aContinue reading “The Medium is the Message?”

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