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Virtual & Augmented Realities: How XR Tech Could Change the Marketing Industry

Emerging XR technologies are inspiring interesting predictions for the future and how we could be interacting the world, each other and brands…

The Human Connection: Is Emotional Storytelling the Future?

Many people argue that experiencing emotions is what make humans “human”.
As we enter an age where we are being increasingly bombarded by advertising material 24/7, industry experts believe that the best way to stand it out in a saturated market is to…

Armageddon- A Reflection

The development of this assignment has been even more enjoyable than I first anticipated, and I have really enjoyed working together with my group, ‘The Air Fryer Enthusiasts’ (consisting of James, Emma, Rachael, Luke and myself). Following the prompt from the brief, “How do I maintain control over my security in the Event” (the eventContinue reading “Armageddon- A Reflection”