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Armageddon- A Reflection

The development of this assignment has been even more enjoyable than I first anticipated, and I have really enjoyed working together with my group, ‘The Air Fryer Enthusiasts’ (consisting of James, Emma, Rachael, Luke and myself). Following the prompt from the brief, “How do I maintain control over my security in the Event” (the event being the end of the world). Our response to this brief was ‘Armageddon’ a massive party for everyone to enjoy themselves one last time.

Check out Armageddon here!

In hindsight, the longest part of this project was deciding what we wanted to do. During our “jam” sessions in class, we brainstormed as a group and built upon on each other’s ideas and concepts. No idea was ever shut down, instead we asked a lot of questions and fleshed out every idea as much as possible.

During our prototyping stage, where we each created a big variety of rough drafts, we were able to make decisions as a group on what we thought worked best. The atmosphere during this stage was very encouraging as we all delivered very supportive feedback and constructive criticism.

Following the prototyping stage, we began working on various elements of the EPK. The delegation of tasks was based upon each of our strengths, however despite having individual tasks we still helped each other when it was needed.

One thing I have learned from this collaborative process is that sometimes creativity is confusing. At some stages, the finer details about the project became unclear. Such as, why are the rich sponsoring this event, do they have an ulterior motive and would people have to buy tickets, wouldn’t money be irrelevant if the world were ending? However, by engaging in further brainstorming and active listening we were able to work through any uncertainties in our concept. By using the media release, we were also able to answer some of these big questions and explain the concept in more detail.

Overall, I think our group have effectively executed our concept. Our website clearly reflects what Armageddon is (a party celebrating the end of the world) and features the important information audiences would need to understand the concept. The name Armageddon emerged during our brainstorming sessions and commonly means “the end of the world”. However, we also liked how it encapsulated the festival name aesthetic.

The Instagram account was helpful in allowing us to iterate ideas and develop a clear brand voice/tone. One of the main things I focused on in this project was the branded imagery and visual design, specifically I designed the posters and made the video promotion. I focused on developing a visual aesthetic I thought would best reflect what Armageddon is all about and then worked on ensuring that it was consistent throughout all our media. In particular, the cyberpunk/ vaporwave colour scheme (in particular, the purple colour) featured throughout the EPK, symbolises the futuristic, fun aesthetic we were aiming for. The various visuals of partying, people having fun, concerts, and festivals, combine to illustrate the nature of Armageddon clearly. As for the radio advertisements, the futuristic sounds and ominous (but not scary) voice over create interest and are consistent with the event’s overall aesthetic.

Ultimately, creating and developing this project was a fun process and I believe everyone contributed and worked well together to make our vision a reality.


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