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4 Things That Could Shape The Future of Marketing

Hello and welcome to the first post in my blog series focused on exploring the future of marketing!

Despite the disrepute, marketing is an essential aspect of our society and the way we live. The heart of marketing truly lies in informing audiences and creating long-term, sustainable relationships between consumers and organisations that offer products of value. Sure advertisements may be annoying, but without them no one would know about so many amazing things. In fact it’s very likely that you discovered some of your favourite things through marketing communications- movies, clothes, food, games, music.

I’m particularly interested in understanding marketing from a futurists perspective. The future is fascinating to imagine, with so many advancements being in made in the tech world it’s seems that it is only a matter of time before the marketing industry is completely disrupted.

Some of the main things (thoughts, trends, and technology) I have identified that have a potential to shape the future of marketing include:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the Future of Content Marketing
Image Credit: Atomic Reach, 2020.

2. Virtual Reality

Alternative Spaces Blog | 5 Ways to Use Augmented and Virtual Reality in  Business and Consumer Marketing – Part I - Alternative Spaces Blog
Image credit: Slesar, M, n.d.

3. Emotional Storytelling

4 Ways To Use Storytelling In Marketing That Have Nothing to Do With Heart  Wrenching Videos
Image Credit: Bartolomeu, C, n.d.

4. Space Ads

Image Credit: Swanson, J, 2021.

As explained by Jason Swanson (2021), ideas about the future can generally be categorised as plausible, possible, probable or preferable.

As such, throughout this blog series I will be arranging my thoughts with this in mind. Sure ‘space ads‘ are possible but is this a future we actually want?

In the coming blog posts I will be exploring how these 5 things will shape the future of marketing in more detail. Asking questions such as:

Will we be trying clothes on from online stores with VR technology? Will we see a rise in AI voice assistants like Siri and Alexa? Will there be a shift to emotional storytelling in advertising? Are space ads really even a possibility??

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to know your perspective!


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