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BCM212 Research Proposal

Does playing sport impact a student’s academic performance? The university experience means something different to everyone, but for many students it means the start of a new kind of life where they become responsible for balancing their studies with working, socialising, extra-curricular activities and sports. Establishing and maintaining a good and healthy balance can beContinue reading “BCM212 Research Proposal”

Module 2: Make It, Break It and Repeat

Hi there! This is an update on the progress of my Digital Artefact: Inspired Denim! Which consists of both an Instagram and TikTok account where I share my own attempts at painting on denim jeans and jackets. MY FIRST PROTOTYPE: Below you can see what my project looked like when it first started (which let’sContinue reading “Module 2: Make It, Break It and Repeat”

Digital Artefact: Project Beta!

Hi there! Here’s an update on the progress of my project ‘Inspired Denim’! For a reminder on what I set out to do, feel free to check out my previous blog post. When I first started this project I was initially putting all my effort into physically making the denim art pieces and then justContinue reading “Digital Artefact: Project Beta!”

Module 1: The Process of Ideation

Hi there! Thank’s for checking in, consider this post an update on my digital artefact- ‘Inspired Denim’! At the beginning of BCM114 I initially began brainstorming a whole lot of different ideas of what I could do for my Digital Artefact. I considered taking over and running my mum’s wedding hair-styling business page, helping myContinue reading “Module 1: The Process of Ideation”

Governments want you to think national surveillance is a good thing, but is it?

Governments and media across the world are framing systems of surveillance as positive and beneficial thing for the safety and national security of citizens. But what they aren’t talking about are the….

Digital Artefact: Project Beta

Gentle Giants & Co. & @zeusthefluffygsd So, as I described in my project pitch, I planned to create a WordPress blog and Facebook page titled, ‘Gentle Giants & Co.” combined with a pet Instagram account. After consideration, this might have been too ambitious an idea for the time that I have available to devote toContinue reading “Digital Artefact: Project Beta”