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About Me

Hi there!

My name is Alina (Ah-lee-na) and I am a nineteen year old, second year university student and over the next couple years I will be studying Communications & Media at the University of Wollongong (majoring in Advertising and Marketing and minoring in Digital & Social media).

As for a little background information, I grew up in a tiny town near Jervis Bay on the South Coast. Where I lived with my parents, brother and beloved German Shepherd Zeus. This year however, I finally made the move to Wollongong, where I now live in a big share-house with 5 of my friends.

In my free time I enjoy going to the beach, camping, travelling, reading, watching movies & TV shows, taking photos, singing along to feel good tunes and having a dance.

Other facts about me include:

  • I’m a serious sweet tooth and have a love/ hate (but mostly love) relationship with cheesecake.
  • I can’t stand horror movies. It’s not fun being scared.
  • I love fantasy books and would really like to try write one in the future.
  • I would literally watch Friends, Brooklyn 99 & Gilmore Girls episodes all day.
  • I’m undefeated at Mario Kart.

But most importantly, I love learning about and experiencing new things!

So I’m super excited to see where the next couple years take me. If you’re interested in my content please follow me on my social medias linked below!

Twitter –>

Instagram –>


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