Americanization and The Red Sea Diving Resort

Netflix’s recently released film, “The Red Sea Diving Resort” is loosely based upon the true story of Mossad agents secretly smuggling Ethiopian Jews out of Sudan to Israel. Unfortunately what could have been an opportunity to tell an interesting and incredibly complex; both politically and culturally, story, has instead been made into a Hollywood-style, spyContinue reading “Americanization and The Red Sea Diving Resort”

Hip Hop, Rap and Globalisation

In the 1980s, the musical genres of rap and hip hop began increasing in global popularity. This rapid rise to global prominence can likely be attributed to the introduction of the internet and new communication technologies, which consequently accelerated the globalisation process. Initially originating from African American communities in America during the 1970s, nowadays, localisedContinue reading “Hip Hop, Rap and Globalisation”

Format Reality TV- The International Sensation

After a long day, one thing I love to do is zone out and watch some good ol’ fashioned, (some might say ‘trashy’) reality TV. Well, the other night I was watching “If You Are the One” a humorous, Chinese dating show, and I couldn’t help but think that it seemed really familiar. A quickContinue reading “Format Reality TV- The International Sensation”

An Introduction

Hi there! My name is Alina and over the next couple months I will be undertaking the subject BCM111 (Global Media) as a part of my Bachelor of Communication and Media. So far, one thing this subject has made me consider is how global I am, and I’ve realised that whilst I consider myself (sorta)Continue reading “An Introduction”

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