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Understanding Electronic Word of Mouth Part 1- The Online World of Skinfluencers and Skinthusiasts!

I have always loved learning about skincare and all the different products you can use, it has sort of become my niche over the last couple years. What prompted me to start this project was the realisation that I was buying and wanting to buy products; that I had never even heard of, just because I had seen a TikTok video about it.
This led to the question, why do I find the TikTok skincare community more engaging and persuasive then on Instagram?…

BCM214: Digital Artefact & Contextual Statement

Digital Artefact: The following video is a PSA, focusing on mental health statistics in rural/remote Australian communities and the lack of services available that could help. Contextual statement: Our innovation; E-VOLV, is an app that encourages individuals to focus on and devote time to their mental health, and provides access to a range of informationContinue reading “BCM214: Digital Artefact & Contextual Statement”