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How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping the Future of Marketing

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Is marketing going extinct? I believe that we are witnessing an extinction event when it comes to marketing as we know it.

The future is here. Automated campaigns are revolutionizing marketing by targeting customers with the right message at just the right time without wasting resources on those who don’t need it.

The Reality of Artificial Intelligence | Ivey Business Journal
Image credit: (Lee, 2017)

There is no doubt that Artificial intelligence is changing the marketing industry as we know it. In fact, the above text was completely written by AI based upon my introduction blog post to this series.

So, what does a future reality where AI is at the heart of all marketing look like?

Based upon research and my own ideas, it looks something like this.

  • All businesses have AI chatbots built into their websites that are equipped to handle any query.
How Do Bots and Chatbots Work? - CX Today
Image credit: (CX Today, 2019)
  • AI consumes and analyses vast amounts of data; user behaviour, sentiment, preferences etc., (without cognitive bias) on a scale unachievable to an individual and uses it to generate complex insights into users. Thus enabling the complete personalisation of marketing content.
The Future of Advertising is Ethical | by Melanie Mohr | WOM Protocol |  Medium
Image credit: (Melanie Mohr, 2019).
  • It’s possible that AI will be creating and curating marketing material by itself whilst constantly learning and improving. This could lead to what Aashish Pahwa calls, “a world ‘beyond human'”, where AI has perfected the art of generating demand which will lead to excessive capitalism (Pahwa, 2019).
What Is The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Image credit: (Bernard Marr, 2020)
  • AI will use predictive advertising and marketing to capitalise on your future wants/ needs before you even recognise them yourself.
Original image credit: (The Times, 2017)
  • AI digital assistants will be fully equipped with voice search and it will become a very important way we access and find information.
Is Siri AI? Find Out Now - Brought To You By ITChronicles
Image credit: (William Goddard, 2020)
Image credit: (Joseph Voros, 2014)

With the Futures Cone (a tool used to understand the probability of a future) in mind, the increased implementation of advanced Artificial Intelligence seems to be a projected/ probable future reality.

What do you think of these predictions? Let me know in the comment section!


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